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Sponsor 4 Education

Education is Springs of Joy’s main focus because it is amongst the most important elements in a child’s development. We want to give the children in our programs, who have never had an education, the opportunity to develop and escape their poverty. We already support 18 children into primary education and 8 in secondary, but at the moment the stay in school for these children is uncertain due to the limited and insecure resources. We pay for the tuition fee and school materials.

Will you help us to keep our children in school? Join Sponsor 4 Education and adopt a child’s educational career!

Help us to keep the children into school

Sponsor a child into primary education, for 

335 EURO, 410 USD or 1.500.000 UGX a year.

Sponsor a child into secondary education, for

540 Euro, 660 USD or 2,420,000 UGX a year.

Contact about Sponsor 4 Education

When you decide to sponsor a child, please let us know, 

How does it work?

If you decide to sponsor a child’s education, we will match you to one of our children. We will look at the age and the current class the child will attend and how this relates to your capabilities and wishes for sponsoring. An important decision will be, rather you wish to sponsor a child in primary or secondary education. 

You can start at any moment with the sponsorship, but after the first donation, we will work with a calendar year, starting on the first of January, asking for your yearly donation before the first of January.

How we collect the sponsorship fee

In order to receive the sponsorship fees from you, we trust you to send it to our bank account in Uganda or to our partner, Stichting Engage People, in the Netherlands.

In order to save money for bank transactions we have the following option for transferring the money:

  • In Uganda, transfer directly to the bank account of Springs of Joy Uganda. 

  • In Europe, transfer the money to our partner, Stichting Engage People in the Netherlands, they will collect the money and transfer it to Uganda as cheap as possible.

  • In other parts of the world, either pay by Paypal with our partner Stichting Engage People or transfer the money directly to Springs of Joy Uganda.

Contact with the child

We will connect you to a child and make sure this child is in school for the whole sponsorship period. We will provide you background information about the child, it’s name and picture. We will keep you updated with the progress of the child at school at least twice a year and we will provide you with a yearly digital photo and letter of the child. When visiting Uganda, you are welcome to visit Springs of Joy and meet your sponsor child.


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