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Donations are Welcome

Donations are welcome on our Barclays bankaccount in Uganda.

Our account name: Springs of Joy-Uganda

Our account number: 60052 89 236, swift code: BARC UGKX

As a newly started organization we need all the help we can get. We rely entirely on private donors and companies, we receive no government funding. Therefor we seek for private financial donations, longterm partnership with companies, NGO's and charities and donations of goods.

Donation of goods
Longterm partners
Financial donations

We are always in need of goods for our children and projects. 

Goods we need are: 

Food. Schoolmaterial, bags and uniforms. Clothes and shoes. 

Football and recreational materials. 

Mattresses, bedlinen, towels and 


But also:

Office space and supply, internet and computers and financial services.

If you have any goods to share? Let us know, call or email Kennie Mugisha.

We appreciate every single donation we receive at Springs of Joy. All the money goes towards improving the organization and it's support of the street children in Kampala. The money you donate goes towards the accommodation for the children under our protection, as well as school materials, tuition fees, healthcare and meals for the children. 

Donations can be made through our bankaccount, for special causes or special donations contact Kennie Mugisha.

We specially seek for companies, charities, funds and NGO's which want to support our work for a longer term. Long term support for our organization is necessary, in order to build sustainable programs for our children.

Will you become our partner?

For more information, please contact our founder, Kennie Mugisha.

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