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What we do

All our programs serve our mission, to instill hope and improve the social and economic welfare of street children and to ensure that a relative number of street children and vulnerable children access rehabilitation, education, sports and skills development, medical care, reintegration and welfare programs in the slums of Kamwokya. 

Through play we connect and discover talent!

Shelter and food

By providing shelter to the most vulnerable kids on the streets we can start to rehabilitate these children. We offer them a safer environment then living on the streets. By taking them in, we make sure they get food, healthcare and education. Currently we provide shelter for 13 boys. Nevertheless the current shelters do not fulfill the standards for safety and health. Therefor we are seeking funds in order to purchase a fully pledged shelter.

All children in our programs are being provided with food, this means we daily provide food for over 50 children.


Some children on the streets have never had education, others have a gap in their education. Therefore the iliteracy levels amongst the children is very high. Which is why we:

  • Send the children in our shelters to school, pay for their tuition fees, school materials and uniforms.

  • Fundraise for the tuition fees of other vulnerable children in our programs.

  • Start an Early Childhood Development Center

Skills development

Street children have often developed non or different skills, which help them on the streets, but not in a normal social environment. We want to teach them social skills and vocational skills, in order to empower them for their daily and future life. We offer:

  • Computer literacy and maintenance

  • Alternative charcoal making

  • Social skillstraining

  • Hygiëne and health awareness

Family reunion

The best thing for a street child to happen still is to be part of their family. Therefor we put a lot of effort in to reunion.

When a child still has family, we

identify, assess and if possible start a reconciliation process between the family and the child. We support the family and the child throughout the resettle process and carry out evaluations while the child is reunited with its family. 

Sports and recreation

It is trough football training, that Springs of Joy is founded. We use sports and recreational activities as a means to reach out  to vulnerable children in order to get them involved into our programs. Next to that, sports and recreation is very valuable for the physical, creative and social development of the children.

We offer activities such as:

  • Football for boys and girls

  • Chestplay

  • Arts and crafts

Volunteering and community involvement

As organization we are closely involved in the community development. In order to work on a safe environment for our children we work on women empowerment and awareness on childrens rights.

In addition we teach our older kids the values of volunteering, through our peer to peer approach. We believe that volunteering (giving back) is a healthy and social way to integrate in society. But also teaches them a lot of professional skills and provides them with a better chance for jobs.In order to help them to succeed in volunteering experiences, we empower them with trainings and coaching.

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