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How you can get involved

Since we are a starting organization, just in the first year of our existence, all the work within Springs of Joy is being done on a voluntary base. Therefor we are looking for you, when you are passionate about children and want to donate some of your time and special skills to the development of our organization and of course the development of the streetkids.

We need volunteers in all layers of the organization. From board members, administrative assistants, mentors and teachers for the children, special skills trainers, fundraisers, event managers, marketeers, etc.  

Since we need many work to be done, volunteering can be done in many different ways. Daily, weekly, or just  for one project, from home or on site, in direct contact with the children.

All volunteers must sign a code of conduct, because we work in close contact with children or with the administration of the children. We ask from a volunteer to be responsible, transparant and open to feedback, just as we will try to be.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in volunteering with us. No skill is unimportant, and no level of experience is necessarily required – just a loving heart, and a passion to help!

Send an email to Kennie Mugisha:

Or call him on: +265 705631474

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