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Who we are

We are Springs of Joy Uganda, a young community based organization for the benefit of street children in Kamwokya, 

the poorest neighborhood in Kampala. 

It is our mission, to improve the social and economic welfare of the street children. As well as to ensure that a relative number of street children access rehabilitation, education, sports and skills development, medical care, reintegration and welfare programs.

How it all began

Kennie Mugisha, was 10 years old when he lost both his parents. In search of his older brother he ended up on the streets of Kampala and lived as a street child for several years. After which he was helped by a good Samaritan, who supported his development and education. He studied Social Work and decided he wants to help his younger peers into a better life and future. Being a Social Worker and  soccer coach these days, in 2014 he had the possibility to start a soccer team where street children could meet for soccer every evening. Coaching soccer to these street children made him bond with them and decide to shelter them at his own modest living space in Kamwokya. The positive energy that came out of his initiative and the many needs he saw as well as the help of mrs. Gorreti, a youth and women activist in Kamwokya, inspired Kenny to start Springs of Joy-Uganda.

"We believe that all children should grow up with confidence, hope and a bright future ahead."

Our team

Our team consist of young and devoted members, who share their time, energy and knowledge mostly on a voluntary base. 

Our team members are peers, interns and community members. Together we show street children that there are people who love and care. 


Team members:

Richard Kasozi, sports officer and soccer coach

Ivan Mugisha, Chess instructor

Arafat Ssekyanzi, Children's development officer

Tusabe Loyce, Elementary tutor

Board and team members: 

N. Gorreto Katana, Treasurer and counsellor

Kenneth Mugisha, Chairman and executive director

Kenneth Bakulumpagi, Secretary and skills development officer

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